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Heritage House is an educational centre for the preservation of intangible cultural and natural heritage and the passing on of this precious legacy to the Young Guardians of Heritage.

The internationally renowned lake at Cerknica and the traditional culture of its people have been a source of inspiration and natural wonder for centuries. Developing master techniques and professions for survival, unique authentic and sustainable products and skills for life, will help the environment and people to survive for next generations. At the same time the services will satisfy thousands of visitors of this world phenomena-Slovenian pearl of Heritage.

We all stand in front of this challenge, Humanity as a Whole- to develop sustainable survival of us and the Planet. We are all IN THE SAME BOAT.


  • documentation of intangible cultural heritage and evidence of the carriers
  • safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage
  • registration, applying initiatives to Ministry of Culture in the Republic of Slovenia and UNESCO for listing our carriers and masterpieces for protection
  • development of our own method of transition of  knowledge from old
  • masters to younger generation in the field of hand-crafts and life’s skills
  • running museum and workshops in distillery as a
  • learning presentation of the processes
  • implementation of the programs of transmitting heritage as a business idea and personal revitalisation
  • therapeutic programs for children and adults, activities in nature, voice and speech, hand-crafts
  • international exchange for Erasmus+, arts and crafts and natural sciences.