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In the same boat – Young Guardians of Heritage (2014-2016)

In year 2013 a trade mark HIŠA IZROČILA (Heritage House) was registered and the crucial partnerships were set up and so a noble mission of preservation and protection of Inner-Carniola and wider Slovenian heritage took off. In February 2014 the project In the same boat – Young Guardians of Heritage got a donation of EEA grants. The project mission is to preserve intangible cultural heritage protected by UNESCO (2003, ratified by Slovenia in 2008) and transmit it to younger generations. In this boat of our aspirations cooperate also two other partner organizations. Museumssenteret i Hordaland (Museums association in Hordaland) form Norway and Forestry & Wood Processing Secondary School from Postojna.

Fields of work:

  • DREVAK – traditional boat of Cerknica lake – production and usage.
  • FLAX growing and processing
  • Coniferous essential oil DESTILATION





International storytelling simposium Parzival

The symposium was the foundation pillar of establishing the institute in 1994 and has developed into a renown meeting of storytellers. In 2013 storytellers from around the world came to Slovenia to tell and listen to the medieval epos Parzival and discussed the importance of storytelling as a composing element of identity in Europe.

Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe on the crossroads of cultures and is geographicaly rich on diversities where the Alps and Mediteranean, Panonian and Dinaric worlds are at our hand within an hour drive by car. In the Middle Ages, this was a position between the grail’s East and knighthood’s West. Culturally and historically, the time was ripe for Wolfram von Eschenbach to recreate anew the unfinished myth of the Holy Grail by Chrétien de Troyes, which he used as an inspiration. Von Eschenbach developed a 24 800 verses long epic which with language of high aesthetic value, spiritual strength, and an incredibly precise outer and inner structure of the story of a hero’s journey, showing his transformation from naïveté through doubt into a universal man. The exact places mentioned in the epic can still be recognized in nowadays'; these include Rohas (Rogatec), Zilli (Celje), Graien (Grajena near Ptuj) and, most importantly, Gandin (Hajdina), after which Parzival’s grandfather was named. This means that the poet was familiar with this area, at the very least.

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Pajnček – educational workshops for children (2014)

The aim of the project was presenting cultural and natural heritage of Inner Carniola to children. Workshops included crafts, singing, dancing and learning about customs. Meeting the local comunity- blacksmith, fishermanand observing nature and animals.