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Boat building

Drevak the traditional lake boat is the last survivor of the intangible cultural heritage of the generations of people who adapted their lives over the centuries to the cyclical rhythm of the disappearing Cerknica lake. Young Guardian of Heritage will lead you through the working process of shaping the boat that will demand cooperation and skilfulness of all participants.



Traditional boat rowing

The bottom of Cerknica lake is very diverse from deep wholes to shallow parts. The rowing of drevak traditional lake boat demands special skills. The group rowing the boat will face the challwenge of the lake and learn to trust the person in charge of rowing the boat.



Flax picking

Flax cultivation was a part of every day life and culture of Inner Crniola. In the late summer  flax ripens and it is ready for picking. The whole village used to gather and help in this process. With the help of the Young Guardians of Heritage you will cooperate as a group in working on the field. You will learn how flax picking was done in the past.



Flax breaking

The flax breaking process was a festivity in the beginning of Autumn. It was a way of having fun while  working, dancing, singing and storytelling. Among the village people there was a common belief if a woman and a man could work well in a pair while breaking flax, they were suitable for marriage. You will have a chance to try out in pairs the traditional tools for flax breaking, that demand good consistency and fitness.