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Learning about traditional boat building

Drevak  the traditional lake boat is the last survivor  in the chain of boats from prehistoric times. You will visit the workshop of the traditional boat-builder and learn about the process of boat-building.



Traditional boat riding on Cerknica lake

 Young Guardian of Heritage will take you on a boat to enjoy the Cerknica lake in the surrounding of pure nature.


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Once upon a time every village had at least one blacksmith shaping steal for farm tools, horseshoes and nails. In the areas of the Cerknica lake blacksmiths developed special nails needed for building the traditional boat. We invite you to put the heat on and try this hevy work with the hammer.



Flax Spinning

During the long winters women had gathered around a fire place and spun flax for linen garments.  They were sitting behind the spinning wheals and with their skilful hands made fine threads, that were later used for weaving. The skill of spinning takes good coordination and concentrion of body and mind. When conquered it is a relaxing and meditation.




In the Inner Carniola weavers were rare and mostly man. They wove mostly linen sheets and towels for home use. At the Heritage House we continue the tradition of flax weaving and you will have a chance to meet the expert for weaving. The Young Guardian of Heritage will prepare you for hand weaving with looms.



Folk music and customs

Every traditional song  and custom originates from a smaller community, local environment. And only by respecting and recognising this  can we find the ethnic image of Slovenia  in the universal world. The events of folk singing and customs are hosted by a Slovenian folk singer and artist Ljoba Jenče.




Storytelling was once a way of passing time in long cold winters. Sitting next to loveones and shering stories that have been pased on from generations to generations.  In the cosy and worm enviroment you will listen to the folk tails of the past by a Slovenian folk singer, storyteller and artist Ljoba Jenče.



Creative spirit of Inner Carniola

The landscape of Inner Carniola has been an inspiration for many scientists, artists, poets and writers. Young Guardians of Heritage will take you on a historic journey of creative individuals of Inner Carniola region such as J.W.Valvasor and J.Udovič.