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Bike tour

Bike tour will follow the ways of Karstic waters. Starting at the Rakov Škocijan enjoing the wilderness of the forest a local Young Guardian of Heritage will lead you to the Large and minor natural bridges made by water. The tour will continue through the forest to the largest Karstic intermittent lake, Cerknica lake.


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Walking tour around Cerknica lake

Historicist Johann Weichert Valvasor (1641 -1693) described the phenomena of the intermittent Cerknica lake as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world. The Karstic lake has thousand faces and it is interesting to see at any time of the year. It is a part of the Inner Carniola Regional Park.  A large part of it is included in the European Network of Special Protected Areas, the Natura 2000 sites. The Young Guardian of Heritage will guide you through the history and legends of the Cerknica lake.




The Inner Carniola Regional Park park contains invaluable biodiversity. The park includes many different habitats. In this area 250 bird species have been observed. The wet meadows of the Cerknica polje serve as a nesting ground for the endangered corncrake, curlew, common snipe, and yellow wagtail. The extensive forests are home to rare bird species such as the Ural owl, boreal owl, white-backed woodpecker, and three-toed woodpecker. The early mornings just after the sun rise are the best oppurtunitie to observe the bird life.



Wild life watching

Just before sunset a local hunter will lead the way to the watch point. While listening to the sounds of the forest we might have the privilege of encountering the brown bear, deer, wild cats, various birds and other wildlife.